My Services

From my studio located in Torre del Mar (Malaga) we carry out the work of design, drafting and all the development of technical documentation, with the occasional support of other professionals such as architects and engineers. From here you can carry out the desired project, your business idea, your reform or any technical report. Whatever you imagine we can try to bring it to fruition.

My specialties

Here you can see all the services in which I am specialized.

With extensive experience in the sector, they are one of the most representative and important tasks during the development of your work. The direction of execution of works and the coordination of safety and health of the works that we carry out, guarantees an economic control and the correct execution of the projected.
Do you need us to manage your project? Do you need us to coordinate the safety of your site? Contact us and we will provide you with a fee.

If what you want is to make your dream house a reality or to carry out the promotion of a building or to build an industrial warehouse, our office takes care of it, having Architects and Industrial Engineers in collaboration.

From our office we carry out the analysis and development of your desired project. Whether it is a reform or rehabilitation of a house, the execution of a swimming pool, a tank or irrigation pond, the installation of an elevator in your building, etc. Contact us and we will inform you about the process without obligation.

If you have a raw local contact us and we will make a design, either for your next business or to change the use to housing, always in compliance with current planning regulations.

There is more and more documentary control so that the constructions are legal. Therefore, if you want to legalize the building based on the urban planning of the municipality or if you want to regularize its situation based on the Decree-Law 3/2019 of Andalusia, please contact us and we will solve it.

Do you want to arrange your deeds and registry information? We take care of the elaboration of the Certificates of antiquity and surfaces for the declarations of new construction.

If you wish to open a business, whether it is an innocuous or qualified activity, we take care of all the technical documentation involved. Safety certificate of the installations, electrical installation project, etc.

We carry out measurements and surveys of georeferenced plans (of houses, plots or rustic properties)
(of houses, plots of land or rural properties) to elaborate the Graphic Validation Reports and correct Cadastre.

If you need to buy or sell your property contact us and we will advise you.

We inspect the property to see its condition, we make an appraisal to see the market value, we manage your paperwork before the Notary and Registry.

We collaborate with different real estate agencies to find the property of your dreams.

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